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MD-81 Update History

Nov 2012:
Fixed fuel issues with FG versions 2.4+
Fixed problems with some overhead panel hotspots

Dec 28:
Major update. Includes:

Fuel tank revisions and fully-modeled fuel management
Rudimentary electrical system
Pneumatic system
Fully-modeled APU
Engine start-up procedures
MP livery select
Scandinavian Airlines livery option
Various 3D and texture enhancements and additions

May 12:
FDM revisions to increase upper-end speed. Should be Mach 0.76+ capable now.

May 6:
Added Nav tuners on pedestal for access to standby nav. Additional cockpit work.

Apr 11:
Added Comm and ADF tuners. Updated RMI to work with ADF signals. Use switches on RMI to select between VOR and ADF inputs.

Apr 6:
Cockpit instrument updates. EFIS instruments (EADI, EHSI) replaced with new ones. Other miscellaneous cockpit enhancements.

Mar 21:
Cockpit updates.

Mar 13:
Fix for flight surface issues under 2.0.

Mar 10:
First draft of a sound configuration. Very rough draft, but relies only on Flightgear generic sounds, might fix some problems.

Mar 8:
Wings mapped and given first draft texture work.

Feb 19:
Wings reconstructed for better fidelity. Flap animations now more-or-less completed.
Can now arm ground spoilers on the ground.
Improvements to flight surfaces simulation.
Nav lights and anti-collision beacons added (operate via MD-81 menu until cockpit work in place).
Beginning of real cockpit work.