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Lockheed 1049H Super Constellation Update History

Dec 29 2010: Minor model updates. Included propellers in livery-over-MP. Added Lufthansa and KLM liveries. Aircraft given to Flightgear repository.

Nov 02 2010: General external model updates. Implemented livery-over-MP. Minor FDM updates. Major changes to texture mapping. Old 3rd-party liveries may need updating, but the livery kit should help this. Model now includes a new TWA livery.

Apr 17 2010: Model updated for Flightgear 2.0. Includes updates to the JSBsim flight and engine FDM, hotspot revisions, additional 'pick' selections, nav and comm radios, and additional minor updates.

Aug 17 2009: Updated CVS version with level-lbs fuel gauge fix.

July 6 2009: Removed seat adjustment functionality. Separated off CVS version.

July 5 2009: Update to level-lbs/lb backward-compatibility fix (thanks smoki!). Re-worked prop-reversing code to be compatible with common joystick mappings (thanks Tuxklok!). Added overhead engine fuel cut-off levers; pilots can now close engine fuel valves. Fixed fuel level labels broken by previous update. Added more cockpit eye-candy. Added custom pilot seat positioning (via ctrl-i menu). Manaul updated (thanks Yakko!).

June 6 2009: Adds new engineering panel, non-functional at this time. Added AutoPilot engaged lamp.

May 27 2009: Bug fix in sound XML file.

May 22 2009: Major additions to the Flight Engineer station. Animated crew door (works over MultiPlayer!). Minor flight deck improvements. First attempt at addressing CVS ambient lighting issues. Prototype (and really really crude) version of electrical system. Other stuff. Flight Manual update by Wolfram Gottfried.

April 23 2009: Flight Manual update by Wolfram Gottfried.

April 19 2009: Additions to Flight Engineer station. Added the Flight Manual.

March 29 2009: Texture additions to pedestal & engine nacelles. Fixes to rudder/aileron trim cursor appearance. Cockpit Lighting enhancements.

March 26 2009: Initial release.